Hardware LDN


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This is a very awesome urban brand, I’m really fond of the style. The whole black aesthetic, it’s a very monochromatic style. I definitely need to shop some of their clothes, it’s so stylish and trendy!

– serendipity


BLK DNM: Leather Jacket 8


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It took me a little while to find time to make this post.

I got this incredibly beautiful leather jacket as an early birthday present for my 19th, since I’m not home on my actual birthday. This beauty is from J. Lindbergs project called BLK DNM! Such an amazing brand, I’ve been drooling over this jacket for long and when I finally got it I was speechless. I’m so amazed by all the little details and the stitching as well, it is so perfect. I love the raw vibe it has and of course the whole leather and black aesthetic. I’m happy to finally have found THE leather jacket, one that will be with me for a very very long time.

– Serendipity xx

Leather Jackets


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 Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 22.01.30

I’ve been so obsessed with leather jackets since forever. I love the edgy look it gives you, and the raw feeling. Having leather jackets just fits my personality very well, and I need to expand my collection of leather jacket, and this is actually the year for it. This is a collection of my favorite jackets, I am beyond in love with the first one from Rick Owens, it is so beautiful, though I have to wait a bit to get that though, but I’m actually getting one of these and can you guess which?. Hope you find inspiration in this collage, and maybe fall in love with one of them.

– Serendipity



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Hey guys, hope you had a wonderful New Years eve! I’m hoping everyone has gotten into the new year safely. So a new year, means a fresh start for everyone, but it also means a lot of interesting new thing is about to happen. I just wanted to share the things I’m looking forward to in 2014:

– Going to live in California for two months and go to Uni there.

– The 1975 in Royal Albert Hall, London

– One of my best friends is returning home, after one year of exchange

– 2x One Direction, in Wembly, London and in Denmark.

– Fashion Marketing Course at fashion academy in London

– 3 weeks work placement in London

– A lot more shopping haha

And I’m exited for all the other serendipitous that might happen

– Serendipity

My 2013 in pictures


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The top 10 highlight of my 2013 must have

1. Turning 18
2. Seeing my grandfather after six years
3. My first: Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Nikon camera
4. My 18th birthday dinner
5. The 1975 
6. London trip (Visiting Universities and accommodations to live)
7. Getting my Tiffany ring
8.  Summerhouse with my three closest friends
9. Justin Bieber & One Direction concert
10. Cutting my hair short, for the first time in 14 years

And much much more! I’ve never shopped as much as I did in 2013 LOL! I think this year has been the one of the best years of my life, particularly because I’ve grown massively, I definitely felt the change in my personality. I’ve learned a lot this year, and changed to become who I am today, which I’m very proud of. This has definitely been the most capricious year and certainly in the positive way. I’m hoping for 2014 to be even better.

– Serendipity

All black everything


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All black everything

ZARA black cape // ZARA poncho // ACNE scarf // Balenciaga bracelet // BRONX shoes // BOY LONDON top // ASOS PETITE skinny jeans // Dr. martens chelsea boots // Converse Chuck Taylor leather sneakers // Converse leather sneakers // YSL t-shirt

My current cravings list!

– Serendipity