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This has definitely been one of the festivals I was eager to go to, but unfortunately I couldn’t be able to attend this year. I’ve been living in Cali for the two last months, and I came home just three weeks before Coachella just my luck. This is absolute one of my favorite festivals, I just love how different and unique it is, the setting definitely is breath taking as well with all the palm trees, hills etc. I also love the selection of artists, they are very much different from many festivals. The past two weeks I have been dwelling over all the lucky people at Coachella, I got the pleasure of watching on livestream thanks to Coachella. I definitely enjoyed watching all the performances (The 1975, HAIM, Lana Del Ray, A$AP, Bastille, Solange etc). One other thing I love about Coachella is that people actually dress to the occasion, Coachella is all about the casual californian style, with all bohemian attitude and a bit of leather and black as well. Here is some of my favorite

– Serendipity xx