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san-diego-pierThere is exactly one month left till I leave for California. I’ll be living there for two months and be going to Uni there. I can’t really figure out if I’m exited or sadden to leave Europe for that long, I promised myself to not build any expectations because I would rather evade the risk of being disappointed. It’s funny how I’ve always dreamt of going to Cali, and now I’m not head over heels over the thought of be going there for months. I’m definitely exited for the warm weather and the ocean. But I’m still worried about my host family, will it be a good one? Whatever my feelings may be, I promised myself to make the best of my trips, how many can actually say they have been living in California for a while, and as a teenager even. I might never have this chance ever again, so I should definitely make it memorable.

– Serendipity