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Chelsea Chelsea2Chanel // La Canadienne // Ferragamo //Elizabeth Stuart // Royal Republiq // Dr. martens

Chelsea boots have become a very popular footwear, for quite a long time now. These classic boots are designed with an elastic patch on the sides and fit perfectly at the ankles, making them great to wear with skirts or skinny jeans, they will make any outfit look unique. They are also such a classic footwear to always have, because they are acceptable to wear at any season and it goes with everything, therefore making it a must have piece.

I’ve been looking at some chelsea boots, trying to find the perfect one before I leave for states for two months soon. I have only chelsea wellies, never really took time to find real chelsea boots. Here is my favorite pick, the Chanel one at the top left, is definitely my favorite one, which I will hopefully buy get when I back home, so in the mean time my pick would probably be the La Canadienne next to Chanel, which I’m going to buy while I’m in the states.

Which one is you favorite?

– Serendipity