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ee017b07b2e7278274ebfebf281d26eaDSC_0012 The 1975bl BZsjozAIAAAmFAq.jpg-largeOnly knowing about this band since late august, I’ve fallen completely in love with their music. It’s so different from everything today, it’s so original and very 70/80/90’s kinda of music. They are incredibly talented it’s crazy, everything from the music to the lyrics are 100 % their creation, not something you see that often anymore. Their music really fits my personality so well. It’s been a very long time since I enjoyed some real good music. On thursday I had the pleasure of seeing them perform live in Copenhagen, which was an absolute delight! This was hands down the best live show I have ever seen, I just loved the whole atmosphere and how engaged they were, making everything LIVE (music + singing) and doing an amazing job at it! All their songs are my favorite, but I was so impressed by their performance of Head.Cars.Bending and Settle Down.

Another thing I really loved was that most of their audience were not screaming teenagers, it was young and mature people, so the guys did not need any sort of bodyguards and we could all have a proper chat with them, without anyone screaming or crying in their face. I got the chance to meet the lead singer Matthew and the drummer George, who were both so cool. Had a chat with Matthew as well, which was quite nice, he is a very down to earth and humble guy. I love how normal they were, and it fits well to their statement of never becoming a product of record labels or letting fame getting to them, all they care is about doing their music, staying original and that is how it should be. They have an amazing record label (Dirty Hit) behind them, who not only support and believe their talent but also gave them the opportunity be themselves without compromising anything.

I definitely cannot wait to see them again hopefully soon in London and Denmark in august.

– serendipity