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I had an absolutely amazing time in London as always! I just fall in love with this city more and more really. I went there with my sister-in-law, it was a mix between a uni, shopping, and showing her around kind of trip, since it was her first time. Two days will never be enough, but it was still amazing. I was definitely exited to be back at Nando’s again, taking the tube and experience the awesome atmosphere, with the formidable and stylish Londoners. Well as for shopping I did some, but I was more interested in the food and cafés this time, which was quite impressive.

The whole reason for this trip was for university visiting. I always knew that London was a place for me and that I really wanted to be living there and study, but this trip really confirmed my feelings about it and strengthen my decision a lot more. You know it is always a bit scary to take such a huge step, and jump out of your comfort zone, sure I feel at home in London and know the city a lot, but to be living there is completely a different story. After this trip, I have become 100 % sure of my decision, and I absolutely cannot wait to embark on this new capital of my life soon.

– serendipity