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dfdHey guys,

I’m sorry for being MIA these past weeks, I’ve just been very busy unfortunately. But I’m hopefully back, though I’m still not able to post that often because I had an accident with my right hand meaning that I can only write with left for now, until it heals. Spent like all saturday at the emergency room, what a great way to enjoy the weekend.

So during the couple of weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time with school, friends and family. I also booked a trip to London AGAIN weee. I’m going there to look at universities and student accommodation, and to show my sister-in-law around London since it’s her first time, actually a long time since I played tourist there haha. It really has become my second home, because I’m there at least twice a year, the latest being in July. I’m exited about looking at universities and this time being able to take great photographs. Always exited to travel.

xoxo serendipity