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HONY bw HUMANOFNEWYORKAll pictures by Humans Of New York

I’ve been following this amazing photographer Brandon who owns Humans Of New York, which started on Facebook I think and then now he has a tumblr blog too. I think I’ve been following him for more than a year now, I always enjoy the amazing pictures that he captures from the everyday life in New York, but also around the world now. What I like about his whole project, is that behind every capture lies a story, which makes the picture alive in a way. I really like that there is a diversity between the people, though the dynamic is very united. The thing I also like about it, is also that it brings an understanding to the world, about the difference in people and how we all choose to express ourselves. I really like that there are so much space for diversity, to be different in his photographs, which really makes it unique and exiting to look at.

If you don’t know about this, I would really recommend you to go check him out on Facebook or Tumblr

His pictures and the message behind the project are so inspiring!

– xoxo serendipity