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perfumeAutumn+Winter: Gucci Guilty // Spring+Summer: Chanel Chance 

Aaarh these are my signature/favorite scents, Gucci Guilty for the autumn and winter, and then Chanel Chance for spring and summer, I have used Guilty for almost two years now and only started loving Chance this spring, but both of them holds so many memories already. Guilty reminds me of my favorite season autumn, it has that warm autumn’ish smell to it, that i really love. Chance reminds me of the fresh spring air, the beautiful nearly sprung flowers, and the early mornings atmosphere. These have really become my favorite scents, I love the smell and how they make me feel as well. Definitely going to be my signature scents for the next couple of seasons. I would recommend anyone to try them, they are really worth the money.

xoxo serendipity