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20130311-the-vamps-t-c-b-jThis has really become my favorite band, I’ve fallen in love with their music and incredible talent. The vamps is a relatively new indie pop band from the UK, consisting of Bradley (lead singer) James (guitarist) Tristan (drummer) and Conor (bassist). The band started out with James being signed to a management, he then needed some other members to join the band where he then found Brad, right after Tristan and then Conor at last, they are all found via Youtube. Now they are working on releasing their single ‘Can We Dance’ following with am album, and they are also supporting Mcfly on tour.

A couple of weeks ago, I accidentally found their cover of Brokenhearted in recommended part on youtube, where I instantly fell in love with them. They really do have an amazing talent, and I love how they make the cover songs their own, they don’t just copy. I started to see all their covers as a band, and then went on to their individual youtube channels. One of them is actually from Birmingham where my cousins live and I’ve literally just been there haha, wish I knew of them before. Anyways, considering that they only started doing covers as a band last year, and now they are on tour with Mcfly, performing at festivals across the UK, with many famous artist, is incredible and I’m so happy for instant success. I am so exited for their album to come out, and for the world to see their awesome talent. People sometime confuses them as a boyband sadly, which they are so far from, they are just A BAND, all playing instruments, singing and writing their own songs. I’m going to post one of their original songs (Wild Heart) and my favorite covers.

Well that is it from music sunday, hope you liked the post and if you didn’t knew them, I hope you fell in love with them just as I did.

484138_233518753459343_1466742493_n the-vamps-2-covers-may-26-2013

xoxo serendipity