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Hey you guys, I am so exhausted words cannot describe. Yesterday I decided to move my room project a bit earlier than planned, it was such a big project, I threw about 5 big sacks with stuff and 3 sack with clothes out, I had so much crap I needed to get rid of haha. But it was sort of fun going through memory lane, looking at things from way back then. I was really going for the simple style, as before where I had so much stuff, so now my room has become lighter and feels bigger, due to that I got rid of my huge bookcase. As an early eid gift to myself, I wanted a new room, I felt like I needed some change, and throw out the things I wasn’t using anymore. Since I have such a small room, I needed to be flexible with the interior, I’m still not quite finished, but I’m taking a break from it now, cause I have still not decided on the final look. These where my favorite places of my room, I really like how that part has turned out.

Anyone else struggling with having a tiny room? What is your advice?

– xoxo serendipity