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makeup-routine1) Chanel face cleanser 2) Chanel face cream 3) Eyeliner 4) Chanel eye shadow 5) MAC foundation 6) MAC face powder 7) Chanel mascara

Hey guys, this is my morning make-up routine. It is very obvious that I am a very big fan of Chanel products haha, it is definitely become my favorite brand and their products are of a very good quality. Ihh I am happy to have changed most of my products to Chanel, because I have really experienced a massive change and I’ve always been impressed by their quality. I would definitely recommend anyone to try their products, it it is money well spent, even though it can be a bit pricey. So there you go, my morning routine, which is thank god not so complicated, because this can almost take me 40 min  due to me being the perfectionist that I am. But I do like it this simple, I’m not very fond of having too much on my face.

– Serendipity xx