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Day 28: List 10 items you are currently lusting after

I was unfortunately busy before and during my trip, so I did not have a chance to finish my 30 days challenge, but I’m catching up on it now.

5Joanna coat by Abercrombie & Fitch // Wellies by Vivienne Westwood // Chanel dripping t-shirt // Boy t-shirt by Boy London // Homies South Central t-shirt by Brian Lichtenberg // sweats by Chachi Momma // Loafers by G-star // Sneakers by Vans // T-shirt by Marc Jacobs // T-shirt by Alexander Wang

These are definitely going to be my next purchases, I love these items. T-shirt has specially become my thing now, I didn’t use to like them before but now I’m so obsessed with them, they are very easy to style and goes with almost anything. My style is kinda complex, because on one side it is feminine and elegant and on the other it is urban. I love both styles, and mixed together to make it my own.

– Serendipity xx