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Hey guys,

I’ve missed blogging so much, but unfortunately I could not find an adapter to my mac, I returned home from such a great trip. I’m going to tell you all about my trip day by day as i usually do.

I went to the UK last wednesday packing and getting ready to go.

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After packing till midnight, I had three hours sleep where I there after went off to the airport, my flight was due at 9 o’clock, I did some shopping at hugo boss within the airport, then my usual WHSmith shopping (Vogue, vitamin water and red bull), bought some Chanel items at the tax free shop and then board the plane. My favorite airport is Copenhagen, I love it so much, it has so many shopping opportunities and the airport is so big and not so complex. It was my first time using the Louis Vuitton passport cover with my name engraved that I got from my mom at my 18th Birthday, ihh love it so much. I arrived early in the morning in Birmingham airport, being picked up by my auntie and cousin, got home and saw my beloved grandpa whom I have not seen in six years, he was so happy to see me, which really softened my heart, I love him so much. Later on I went with my cousin to pick up my other two cousins from school, and got to hang out with them the rest of the day, I love my cousins like they were my sisters, they are so amazing. At last I got to see my two uncles who also live in Birmingham and just spent the rest of the evening hanging with my family and enjoying life.

– Serendipity xx