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Hey guys, hope you are all enjoying summer.
I’m enjoying my time here in the UK, it’s so great to finally be back. I feel so at home whenever i’m here, i just love everything about this country, the accent, the shopping, the cities etc. I have shopped so much, like i litterally cannot believe how much money i have already spent, but it is worth it. I was in Birmingham the last couple of days, shopping and spending time with the fam, and now i’m finally in London visiting family and shopping as well, i love the UK life as always, i’ve missed being here so much, once a year is really not enough for me haha. The reason why i have not blogged, is because i forgot to buy a adapter for my mac and i unfortuntely could not find any, so i’ll just blog when i get home, i have so many great stories to tell and pictures to share. I’m just going to call it a night now, i have to wake up early and do part two of the shopping. Here’s some instagram pictures from my trip



– Serendipity xx