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Day 23: Somewhere you would like to move

“Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone”City-of-London-Greater-London-UK playbboy-london-1398191

I knew that I was the kind of person who wanted to experience the world, i’ve wanted an adventure, stories to tell, new things to experience and being out of my comfort zone in order to get to know myself better. Even though I love my city Copenhagen so much, I want to experience life in other countries, my city is my comfort zone because I grew up here and this is all I have ever known, so by moving would be out of my comfort and that is where one learn to live and grow. London has always been my second home because I am there at least once a year, I know the city almost inside out but it would still be out of my comfort zone to live there alone, which is what I am going to do. I want to study at university there in two years time, I am so in love with the city, it is so beautiful and beholds a lot of opportunities for me. I want to experience the massive diversity, learn about different culture and languages, i want to live.

– Serendipity xx