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The first day in Bornholm, we went out to explore the town we lived in, and then went by the water to relax a bit. The girls chose to challenge themselves by walking on the rocks which looked quite fun. Later we went to the city to grab some delicious lunch at restaurant called Texas, the food there was really great, i’m usually a caesar salad girl so that was what I ordered, we also got to see their shopping places, which was quit limited. On our way back to the town, I got to see one of my closest friends who live on the island, it was great seeing her again and catch up with her life. We came home in the evening and just spent the night playing cards and talked. What I really did not like was all the big spiders, that really scared the hell out of me. But I loved sitting out on the terrace and enjoying the ocean view. 

– Serendipity xx