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Day 21: A passion of yours

Some learn to dance, and others are born with itstep-up-052(www.TheWallpapers.org)

Dance is a huge passion of mine, I’ve loved to dance ever since I was little and i’ve always had a sense of rhythm in my body. I started to develop my dancing since I was 11 and I have developed a lot since, learn new skills, new techniques etc. I’ve also taken a lot of classes by world class dancers. My love for dancing is quite indescribable,  I feel 100 % myself when I dance, and I express everything I feel, it is where I feel safest. I guess it will always be a part of me, it is my first love and where I feel completely comfortable. I dance when i’m frustrated or had an awful day, it has a way of releasing all my stress because I do not think when I dance, I just feel the rhythm. I also dance when i’m happy. Whenever I hear a new song with a dope beat, I feel the urge to just dance and let my body create a choreography for the song. I guess I was born a dancer, and still am a dancer, and always will be a dancer. Dance takes me deeper into the essence of who I am. It is the only way I can tell my story, express myself and open up completely. I could dance for hours and hours if I had the opportunity, the longest I have ever danced was actually 7 hours, and I could do more, I honestly do not feel any tiredness, love it so much. Dance really is the hidden language of the soul


“It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer”                                                                                                               “Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another”

– Serendipity xx