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Like a sunset, dying with the rising of the moon, gone too soon…IMG_1328

Today is the 4th anniversary of Michael’s death, time has past by so fast. I feel like it was just yesterday the whole world stopped when the news came, I can still remember where I was and what I did that exact time and that will everybody I guess, it is difficult to forget. It is still hard to deal with his passing, because he has been a part of my life ever since I was born, I grew up with his music and he has always “been there” so it is very hard to believe that he is gone. But his time on earth was well spent, he did what he felt obligated to do which was to deliver the important messages through his music and help all the less fortunate people he could. He really was a good man with a heart of gold. His morals are mine, and I will always look up to him, take his words to heart and be the best person I can be. He will always be a role model to many, and it will hopefully pass on to the younger generations as well.

Today we stand together all around the world, joined in a common purpose – to remake the planet to a heaven of joy, and understanding, and goodness.
no one should have to suffer, especially our children.
This time we must succeed.” – Michael Jackson

– Serendipity xx