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Day 21: Favorite animal

underwater-of-orca-killer-whale-hd-orca-wallpaper-animal Animal-pictures-orca-wallpapers-hd-photos-killer-whales-wallpaper-1

This is a video of the official soundtrack from Free Willy with clips from the movie

My favorite animal is orcas, I really love them. They are one of the most beautiful animals ever seen, I love their beautiful voice when they are speaking or singing, it sounds so peaceful and beautiful. Since I was 6 after watching Free Willy, all I ever wanted was to care for them, either as a trainer which i’m not very fond of after seeing how they treat them, or a marine/whale biologist in order to study and care for them out in the nature. I still have that passion of being a whale biologist much later in life. Like dolphins they connect with human beings and have that unconditional love to whom ever treat them right. My dream is to hear and see them with my own eyes and ears, and I hope that will come true one day, it would be valuable moment for me.

– Serendipity xx