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Hey guys,

I’m finally back from an amazing trip, but I really missed my blog. So I’m just going to catch up on my blog challenge and there after, I’ll blog about from my trip.

Day 13: Your Favorite Store

Well I have many different stores that I prefer, so I’ll just put three of my absolute favorite stores to shop. I do not always shop at the same store, I have a broad taste so it is not that limited to a few stores.


I just LOVE the Chanel beauty store in Copenhagen, I’ll have to admit I shop there every month. It is the only Chanel department there is in Denmark unfortunately, but I  really appreciate it, because that gives me an opportunity to buy all my personal product (Perfume, Make-up, Skincare, Nail-polish, Bath soap etc.) The people there are always nice and welcoming and of course I’m a loyal costumer there too. (This is not how it looks like, but it is the pictures closest to it)


I love their clothes, I always shop in Forever 21 whenever I’m in London, all my rings and a lot of my clothes are from there. I love their style and design.

Fotor0621185018I love to shop on the internet, there’s so many great things to find and buy. These are one of my favorite online shops. I love the idea of just sitting on couch with a cocoa or something to drink and the credit card in the hand.

– Serendipity xx