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Day 10: List 10 people dead or alive, that you would invite for dinner

10 people

Wow I cannot believe i’ve make it this far 10 days, I’m really having fun doing this blog challenge, it keeps me writing everyday, which I really enjoy. I hope you guys are enjoying my posts too, i’ve definitely could notice that on the viewers chart. Thank you

Well 10 people dead or alive, that I would invite for my dinner hmm? It would definitely be people that have inspired me through live and that I look up to. God and all the prophets (Jesus, Mohammed, Moses etc) are unfortunately not possible but I would love to though.

Okay so i’ll just write the list and then explain why.

  1. My dad & mom
  2. Michael Jackson
  3. Lady Diana
  4. Coco Chanel
  5. Martin Luther King
  6. Thomas Andrews
  7. Nelson Mandela
  8. John F Kennedy
  9. Jane Austen
  10. Queen Victoria

If I could just squeeze Louis Vuitton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Malcolm X, my brother and sister-in-law and Bob Marley in shhh no one will know.

First of all I would choose my parents, because they have accomplished so much in their lifetime. There are so many things my dad did that if I just could do half as much would be so happy. I look up to my parents a lot, and I am so proud of them

Michael Jackson is also a person I look up to because all the things he has achieved in his life, being able to be one of the most humanitarian people on earth is an incredible title. He is such a good person in general, the best a person could ever be.

The same goes for Diana, she is such an inspirational woman with the biggest heart. She truly cared for the world. If I could just be half as good as she was, I would be so grateful for that. She really was like a mom to all the poor children.

The only woman in the fashion in the industry that I look up to, she is such an incredible woman. No wonder Chanel is my all time favorite brand. I admire her designs and her fabric of choice is beyond my words, never felt something so soft and elegant

Martin Luther King taught me to have a dream and do anything in my power to make it come true. He fought all his life for the freedom of a whole race, he opened doors for many. I admire his courage and will to fight, such an incredible man.

It would be an absolute dream to meet Mr. Andrews, I adore titanic and I love the design of the ship and the whole idea of it, it was really the most beautiful ship. So to meet the man behind it would be gold. I have so many questions.

Nelson Mandela dedicated his whole life to fight for the human right. I am so speechless about that, having the will to fight for so many years, he never gave up and kept on going until freedom was served. I really admire him for his will power.

As I see it Mr. Kennedy was one of the absolute greatest presidents of all time, he was such a great human being as well, very inspiring. I love what he stood for and where he wanted our future to lead to. He was a great man.

Jane Austen is one of my absolute favorite authors, I admire all of her work. The way she writes and her words of choice are so inspiring. I really love how the british language was spoken in that period, so elegant and sophisticated.

I LOVE the victorian era, I even have all kinds of tea from that time, I just loved how they all dressed up, how people were and how the decorations were at that time. I am so fascinated how the victorian tea party was held. Magical era.

Who would you invite to your dinner?

– Serendipity xx