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Hey you guys,

I know it has been a little quit on the blog, but i’ve just been occupied with a lot of stuff lately. Today I had an danish writing exam, I really hate sitting quit for four hours on a chair, I cannot stand the idea of it, and i absolutely hate that I cannot do whatever I want like when i’m doing homework at home, nor were we allowed to hear music, seriously 4 hours of complete silence it felt like hell. Well fortunately I survived and I can now say my summer break has finally begun. I sat outside a little bit with my friends enjoying the sun and talking a bit and then I went off with my friend to do a little shopping, I went by Moss Copenhagen to find an outfit for saturday, where i’m double booked, i’m going to my fashionistas exclusive event and an 18th birthday. Found this totally cute jumpsuit, and this how I chose to make my outfit, what do you guys think?


Moss Copenhagen Jumpsuit // Zara Blazer // Chanel Espadrilles // Soda bag 

And I just could not resist buying this cute pink vitamin water ihh

DSC_0002– Serendipity xx