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Day 6: If you won the lottery

2012-10-06 18.49.54

It is common that everyone has fantasized about if they won the lottery, what they would do about it. I’ve always held on to my dreams and things I would accomplish in life, I promised myself that ego would never win over my morals. The things I would do, is not only if i won, but if I earned a great sum of money too.

First of all I would give a lot to my family, because they mean everything to me and is the most important things in my life. As crazy as my family can be, I still love and adore them and I would do anything for them, so they would be the first to enjoy the money.

Next up would be charity, I would honestly donate a lot of money to charity, because I could only imagine how unbearable it is to be helpless, I would love to give back to those who were not as lucky as I am. I believe that god put us all on test, to see who is the less selfish and would share with their fellow human being.

Then I would give some to my closest friends, those who stood by me since forever.

At last I would secure my future for university, and I would spend the last on travelling and shopping. To travel means the world to me, so I would definitely do a lot of that.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

– Serendipity xx