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Day 4: To five dream jobs


My choice of dream job has changed during the years not dramatically, though I once wanted to be a professional dancer and marine geologist/biologist, but other than that I still stuck with a few, which i today consider as my dream jobs. Since I was little I always knew my dreams were to work in either business or nature, and that has never changed.

  1. Entrepreneur
  2. Fashion and luxury brand marketer
  3. Marketer
  4. Wildlife care taker
  5. Brand manager

Entrepreneur is at the top of my list, because it has always been my dream to create my own business and being able to have something that I call my own. But my dreams within entrepreneurship is broad, because I have desire’s to do something in related to charity, fashion or marketing, so it is very wide.

Fashion and luxury brand marketer is the dream I am now pursuing. Being a brand marketer means that one is in charge of where, when and how the product should be launched, what promotion is best suitable and where to profit the most from. I am grateful for the school I now go to, that I later in university have many advantages, because sone of the elements within the bachelor education is something I am already learning at my school now, so i’m hoping to do beyond good. It is absolutely my dream to be a marketer within fashion and luxury industry, since my taste for things are expensive. Being able to work in that industry, allows me to travel, which is my ultimate goal, with every job i may dream about, travelling should be involved, because I absolutely love the idea of being in paris one day and shanghai the next, being able to meet new people, see new places and of course having the pleasure of doing business. That is why I also want to learn as many languages as I can, so in that way I could be able to speak to many people as I can. I knew i’ve always wanted something within marketing, so i’m hoping to reach my dream by hard work and passion

To be honest all I ever wanted was to work in the marketing business, so by the taking the other way of working in a bureau and creating great advertisements for different companies, is still a dream of mine. And that would be such a great workplace, having everyday being different and work with different projects.

Wildlife care taker is also I dream that I later in life hope to pursue, of course after having a career and everything up and running. I have this huge love for the world and mother nature. I adore the wildlife and fascinate the beautiful animals. Being able to take care of lions, leopards, tigers etc. would honestly be a dream come true, I want to experience that tight relationship with animals, and being able to come close to them and nurture them. Please do not misunderstand me, I do not desire to have them as pet, but simply raise them in the wildlife and teaching them all the things in the wild, I want to able take care of them and build up this beautiful relationship that I so much adore.

Brand manager is also a dream job of mine, that I would still consider pursing if life does not offer the other opportunities. I would love to be in charge of what product should be produced, which strategy should be pursed and so on. That is why i still am so grateful for the school I now attend to, because i’m learning all these business things, that will prepare me to the work market and further education.


All these jobs have a couple of things in common, which are the foundation of my goals in these jobs, which is to travel, live each day differently meaning that I do not work in the office from 9-5 or doing the same things over and over again, which is exactly something I would innerly hate to be doing. I want everyday to be a different day, with different adventures and journeys, being able to work with a different project and experience something new everyday. That is what create the environment of not feeling that I work but simply doing what I love.

“If you love your job, you never have to work a day in life”

what is yours dream job, tell me about it in the comment below.

– Serendipity xx