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Day 3: The meaning behind your blog name

Life is serendipitous 

Well, I originally wanted to name my blog Serendipity or Serendipitous but both were taken, so instead I was thinking of making it french Le Serendipiti, an “I” instead of “Y”, so I mixed it up and called it Le Serendipity. Since I saw the movie Serendipity, which by the way became my absolute favorite movie, I fell in love with the word serendipity, it is such a beautiful word, and it means a fortunate accident, and i’ve always felt that life was a fortunate accident, it is such a beautiful gift. And I feel like that everything that happens in life good or bad, is fortunate because we all learn from it, we develop as people and become wiser. So that is why I chose the name. Life is full of unexpected surprises, enjoy them all.