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Day 2: Favorite season and why


When I was younger summer has always been my favorite season, and at winter I used to get depression. Though as I got older, i’ve become to love all seasons, actually as of last year i’ve started to appreciate what every season had to offer, and i’ve grown to love them all. So to choose one, would be difficult because they each have great elements that I love about them. So i’ll pick them all as my favorite, and tell you why I prefer each of them.

2Seeing the snow fall innocently, spreading a feeling of peace and relaxation, it creates such a beautiful image, the prettiest with bright rays of sunlight glinting off the fresh snow and ice sculptures in the trees and shadows playing tricks with your eyes on the ground. If you could just go outside and lie down in the fresh snow, all your worries would disappear. I love the winter, and everything about it, I love the landscape, which makes you appreciate life more. The season where you enjoy being with friends and family, feeling all cozy with a hot cocoa or tea. Or maybe in a quiet evening, looking out the winter, seeing all the snow flakes trying to find their way down, while gathering all your thoughts. It is a bliss. I love winter so much.

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fare; it is the time for home”

12I love to breathe in the fresh spring air, the air that is not cold nor warm, it is perfect!  Waking up to the sound of birds singing, the song of nature. The leaves coming out, the ground changing its course.  I just love the idea of life renewed, it give you hope for a brighter future. It reminds you to appreciate the nature surrounding you, reminding you the power of nature. For me spring is such a magical time, it is a season that restores my energy and gives me a reason to wake up every day and smile. I feel very much alive.

Summer has rich compensations that make it so dear to me. The warm weather usually compensated by the refreshing breeze that blows in at about evening. And then a thunder-shower or two brings down the temperature and gives a pleasant respite. The sound of birds singing in the early mornings, late night talks by the water or just outside. Late sunsets and early sunrises are the best, just watching the sun innocently follows nature’s course. All the refreshing fruits, the cold drinks and lovely ice-cream. You hear laughter of kids playing outside, family gathers for vacations, it is a time where happiness truly shines. It is a season where I feel much alive, where I can reminisce childhood games, listen to cheerful summer hits. I have a weakness for this one unusual thing, which is the shadows hitting the ground through the trees, it is just breathtaking. Just the smell of summer can make me fall in love.

    IMG_2246The changing of the leaves, crisp mornings and the best type of weather where it is sunny but a little cold so you need a jumper. The days are getting shorter, and the nights longer. What I love most about autumn and spring, is that you notice the difference, it is very noticeable and it gives you that urge to stand still and embrace the beauty in nature and really take it all in. I love the autumn’ish air, and the smell of autumn. The small breeze that moves the leaves, and colorful trees. I love the rainy days, where you just sit by the window and listen to the sound of it. It is such a blessed season.

I hope you liked todays challenge, I know I did, and I really enjoyed taking the time to find out what I love about every 4 seasons, and finding beautiful pictures, where the autumn one is actually taken by myself. So there you go, please leave a comment below on your thoughts.

– Serendipity xx