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I usually have all time favorite and current favorite songs.

Since I missed last sunday’s music sunday, I’m going to substitute it with the songs of the week. These song are so perfect for the summer, to listen while on the beach or on a road or something.

I love how much Miley’s music has changed, and I’m totally in love with her new song! I just love how much she has grown, I adore the person she is today.

This song is so catchy! I love Demi and Cher Lloyd, and of course the song!

I have been supporting these boys every since they stepped on the x-factor stage for their audition. And now they have finally released their first official song Chloe! I love this song, it’s very summer like.

Ever since I saw them on x-factor, I’ve loved their vocal performances. They have amazing vocals, that together brings an incredible harmony. This is definitely my favorite song theirs.

Love how fun this song is! cannot wait to be 22…..in six years

Hope you enjoyed my post, great day to you all.

– Serendipity xx