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Day 1: Favorite quotes and why

cropped-p4210036.jpgThis my absolute favorite quote, and that is why I have it as a wall sticker in my room. I love this quote because it tells me to live each day like the last, meaning that I should do everything with lots of energy and give it my all. I read this quote every morning, and it reminds me that I can achieve whatever I desire to and that I should show the world what I have to offer. It is a great quote to live by each day, and many of you probably know, that it is from the famous Coco Chanel!

be_the_change-39755This quote by Mr. Ghandi, always inspires me to be better in every difficult situation I might find myself in, I always try to live by this quote and be positive. I love this quote because it is deep and inspiring, it makes you think about life and what goals you have in order to better the world.


I live by this quote every day, it is absolutely one of my favorites. And from my favorite movie Titanic. It reminds me to make each day memorable, a day worth remembering. I love this quote, because it helps me live life to the fullest, and be grateful for everything.

tumblr_lzorw4qia81qkfvdvo1_500This quote has always helped me, whenever I feel like my world is crashing and I have no one to go to. It reminds me that people go through these things, having up and downs, and something so unbearable that you feel like no one in the world cares. But they do, you might not always feel like it, but there are people out there who loves you. I turn to this quote, every time it is getting too much.

to-travel-is-to-live“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote: To Travel Is To Live”  This my favorite travel quote, I am such a huge fan of travelling, so this quote really gives my life meaning. I only truly live when I travel. I love the unexpected, the unknown, the excitement and everything there is, about travelling abroad. I just simply love it.

Well this was todays challenge, very fun to do and I am looking forward till tomorrows. Goodbye everybody and I hope you liked it.

– Serendipity xx