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I think everyone has tried it before, being sick. It takes all the energy out of you, and you feel so miserable. I know everyone can relate to me, when I saying that I want to get rid of the flu and get well again. Specially when it’s summer. I had a lot plans today, which I had to cancel, including school due to flu. I just want to get better and enjoy the summer again, instead of looking like something out of this world and have a messy room full of kleenex’. The only good thing about being sick, is that you can watch all your favorite movies and tv shows, and stay in bed all day.

Here is some of my routines.

Some fresh pressed lemon, to get rid of the bacterias and clean the system. I love drinking lemon, it is very refreshing and gives the healing process a kick. I drink it three times a day.DSC_0002

Some british Victorian green tea, to restore the throat. I love green tea, and specially the ones from the victorian time, I drink it occasionally, and sometimes substitute it with Earl Grey tea or Yorkshire tea. Yes I know it’s all british, I drink nothing but british tea, just love it.DSC_0006

C-vitamins is very important during the flu, the body is missing a lot of c-vitamins to fight the flu. And pills for headache is very good.DSC_0007

Fruit is very important, and helps cleansing the body and gets rid of the flu bacteria. When ever i’m sick, I ensure myself to eat a lot of fruit and that usually helps, and also restores your lost energy.


Then at last, the most important thing your body needs, is rest. You should rest A LOT, what better way to do that, than watch your favorite movies. I usually make a massive cup of Yorkshire tea and put a great movie in, more often than not it is my faves Serendipity (first picture) and Breakfast At Tiffany’s (second picture). I could never get tired of those.kate-beckinsale-serendipity-8MBDBRAT EC032

Hope to get well soon, really hate being sick 😦

– Serendipity xx