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Hey guys!

I just wanted to show you what I bought yesterday. I am seriously a big spender and I’ve been known for that all my life hihi. I have been wanting a new wallet for so long, and I finally found one from Decadent, which quickly has become my favorite brand, I simply love their way of designing leather items (bags, wallets, make-up bags, shoes etc), and I just had to have it. I can not think of a month where I have not bought Chanel, I just love their products so much. It is my absolute favorite brand

 DSC_0187 DSC_0190 DSC_0002Wallet – Decadent // Eye shadow – Chanel // Mascara – Chanel

I feel that Chanel are one of the best at make-up and skincare, their products are really gentle for the skin.

– Serendipity xx