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The smallest act of kindness, is worth more than the greatest intention

Charity is something that is very important to me, I love supporting my favorite organizations and make a difference in someone’s life. I am going to show my favorite charities, where you can purchase awesome things and support a cause at the same time.

Pencil of Promise

Onken 1 WatermarkedIt is one of my absolute favorite charities, I love how creative and original it is, and the story behind it is incredible. Pencil of Promise was founded by a man named Adam Braun, he was backpacking in India and met this incredible child with a smile that could light up a whole room, the beginning of this charity started with a question. “What do you want most in the world” he asked, where the child answered “a pencil” and there on Adam gave him a pencil and a promise, that the child and many others will have the opportunity to go to school and get an education. Since then people all around the world have been supporting him and his dream of building schools around the world, which he today has accomplished.

You can purchase all kinds of merchandise, but the one that made an impression on me was the pencil, you can choose to donate everything from $25 to 25.000 $ and get a pencil after what sum you donate, you get a pencil that says “This pencil educates one child” or “This pencil build a classroom” or “This pencil build a school” and so on, it is such a creative idea, which I really like. And the pencil could be a gently reminder of the good deed that you have done to another human being.

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People Water

“Unsafe water kills more people every year, than all forms of violence including war” Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 13.59.00This is not the traditional charity, because they are a business which means it is not non-profit, but with a purchase of their water, they give equal amount to a people who do not have access to water, they also build wells around Africa, in order to reduce all the diseases that comes with dirty water, and today many people can enjoy the clean water and prevent any future diseases. I love the idea of this, and I would love to support it, because clean water is the most important thing and the key to a better life. “We are not asking you to change anything except the world”

1:Face Watch

“Changing the world 1:Face at a time”Screen-shot-2012-12-31-at-11.41.17-AMThis is one of my favorite, I love their concept. Each watch support a different cause and it’s everything from the environment, to hunger, to cancer etc. You are not only supporting a good cause, but you are also gaining these cool watches. I personally love the idea of it, and I would definitely purchase one soon.

TOMS – One For Onetoms_blog2012_homepage_v2_05You might all know the brand TOMS, give have this movement called One for One, which basically is about every shoe or sunglasses purchased, will people in need receive shoes and sight (meaning medical treatment, or reading glasses), which is such a great concept. I myself have a pair of TOMS condones, where I feel great to have given a child in need a pair of shoes too.

topimageThis one is unfortunately not in service anymore, but was definitely my all time favorite. It was founded by Michael Jackson, who dreamt of doing this since his early ages. It was great to see him accomplishing his dream to help people in need at every corners of the world.

That was it, I hope you enjoyed my post and maybe has inspired some of you to support these great charities.

– Serendipity xx