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I spend my night last night, watching BBMA live from Las Vegas, so I was up all night to watch the whole show live. I am a big fan of award show and I really enjoy watching them. I was definitely enjoying the show, they really went all out to entertain people and there were amazing performances as well, both by “new” and “old” artists. I specifically LOVED Ed Sheeran and Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne’s performances, they were both very entertaining and well performed. Many well deserved awards were also given, (yaay Justin won the milestone award). I was certainly surprised to see the big stars such as Madonna and Prince again, they are rarely at the award shows anymore, but it was great to see them performing as well, they did amazing as always.

Here is my favorite performances of the night.

Loved the beat of the song, it is really catchy, and Nicki and Wayne are amazing as always, very entertaining performance.

The best performance of the night, his performances never fail to impress me. I was so proud of him, his first american award performance. No words, speechless.

ARE YOU GUYS READY TO BOARD THE BIEBER AIR FLIGHT? Loved his performance as always, that kid really knows how to entertain people.

Taylor’s performances are so joyful and it is all about having fun, that’s why I love it when she performs, you are always ensured of having a good time. Cannot wait to be 22.

MY JAAAM! Love this song!

Tell me about your favorite performances of the night?

– Serendipity xx