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Hey my lovely readers ❤

It is finally sunday again, where i do this segment called music sunday. A different artist every sunday. I hope you liked my last with Ed Sheeran, and feel free to come with constructive critic.

This sunday I am going talk about the amazing John Mayer, most of you may know him.


John Clayton Mayer is a 35 year old american singer-songwriter, his music is mostly pop rock and blues rock. He already rose to fame in 2000, and released his first album 2001.  During the years he released five albums, he has achieved massive success including winning 7 grammy awards and 17 others. Performed with many famous artists and he also got the chance to perform Michael Jacksons Human Nature at his memorial.

I personally grew up with John Mayer, having my siblings listening to him around the house. And later on I myself became a fan of him. I love his unique raw voice which is so beautiful and mysterious. I also adore his style of music and his way of writing songs,  he is so talented. The thing I like about him is that he is so different from all the others, he has his own style and music, which is very impressive. He is incredibly talented at writing songs. Unfortunately he is coming to Copenhagen, but the tickets are sold out, so I am heavily considering to go see him in London when he comes. I am sure that he is that type of artist that really gives the audience a night to remember.

Here is a couple of my favorite songs, his music takes you on a beautiful journey.

Waiting On The World To Change – Is absolute my favorite song, I just love how he wrote the lyrics, which is incredible. They are so true.

In Your Atmosphere – I love this song so much, it is so calming and sweet. The melody is really beautiful, love how he plays the guitar.

His Human Nature performance

Free Fallin’ – This song is very laid back with fresh guitar riffs, his voice has a nice tone and light-and-shade to it, perfect for easy listening.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did not knew him, I hope you fall in love with him, just as I did.

Great sunday to everybody, and music sunday will be back next week.

– Serendipity xx