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Hey beautiful reader<3

Hope you are all having a great, day two of the week. Today was a quite day for me, I went to school and then did some shopping for my mom, and of course I cannot not shop, so I bought the new TeenVogue with Justin on it yaay, I also bought the usual Ralph Lauren creme for spring/summer, already love how it smells, and then I bought some BLK Black water.

And by the way, first day wearing my new Tommy Hilfiger ballerina’s, I am so in love with them. I got many sweet comments on them today.DSC_0205DSC_0212 DSC_0216 DSC_0225I would definitely recommend this to any girl, such a great creme, I usually use it for my feet and hands, but it is for the whole body. The scent is of spring, summer kind of smell, which is so heart warming. I love the smell of it, it brings so much joy and memories to me. And a plus that the feet looks perfect when you are walking around in ballerina, espadrilles, moccasins or whatever. Go get it girls.DSC_0229Been waiting to get my hands on this issue, aaaargh he is so handsome! Love my baby boy, cannot believe that it is a little over three weeks since i last saw him, miss it already. Now i know what to spend my evening doing, ihhh reading!

I am sitting here, drinking some delicious green tea and blogging, after a while I’m going to watch an episode of Paradise and then go hang out with my girls. I will definitely post something later too for you guys. xx

– Serendipity