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Yes you read it right, Black Water.

Most of you watching Real Housewives of New Jersey, probably know about this water, since Albie Manzo is their promoter. But yeah this is totally true, black water does exist, you might raise an eyebrow or two, but it is totally healthy and natural. There is no color involved or anything added to the water, it is 100 % natural, and the black water can be found at a spring water in Canada. The water contains Fulvic Acid and therefore has a pH of 9.0 + which actually is very healthy for the body, because it helps human body’s pH level stay in balance. It is filled with many beneficial minerals, which are important parts of health and wellness.

I have wanted to try this water for a year, and since I unfortunately do not live in the states, I just had to wait and hope for them to expand and sell in Europe too, lucky for me, we have this awesome store under my school that sells all kinds of weird candy and beverages from all corners of the world, and there they had BLK water too, I felt like so exited just over water haha. Then I finally got to taste it, and I have to admit it does feel wrong to drink black water, because you have been raised all your life to drink white water. But when I finally tried it, I was surprised, it tasted amazing. Just like normal white water, but healthier and a better taste.


I would definitely recommend you guys to taste it, go grab a bottle and do something you have never done before, drink black water.

You can get it at their homepage BLK or try your local supermarket or specialist. Visit their blog for more information BLK

Have a great tuesday out there ❤

– Serendipity xx