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Hey beautiful readers,

I am going to start doing this thing called music sunday, which is where I write about one of my favorite artists every sunday, I tell about them/he/she and then show some songs that I like, that way you can discover new music/artist that might even become your favorite. I hope to spread my inspiration further on to you guys.

I am going to start of with one of my absolutely favorite artist, my love ED SHEERAN!ed_sheeran_background_by_mlraven9-d5mkzbg

No words can describe how talented this guy is, his songs are all true events, he write songs that have a meaning and many are relatable. They are so deep.

Edward Christopher Sheeran, is a british boy from Suffolk, he was only 17 when he chose to move alone to London in 2008 and chase his dreams. Since then, he played around 300 gigs a year in london and other places in the world. He has released some albums independently, which gave him success. But it was when he released his song A Team in 2011, which really broke through and everyone started to notice him, and wanted to hear more about this ginger kid from the UK, later on in 2011 he released his first official album called “+” which became a massive success, being number one in  multiple countries. And now he is world famous, and all this happened in 2 years time.

I remember the day I discovered him, which was in November 2011, I saw the Lego House music video and instantly fell in love with his music, I then had the pleasure of seeing him perform in March 2012 where he finally came to Denmark, I remember it being the greatest birthday gift I could ever wish for. I have been wanting to see him ever since I discovered him, and then I finally got a chance to. I can honestly say it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to, because it was so intimate and personal, not only enjoying his beautiful voice, singing perfect songs, but also that he started to share personal things about his family and life with us, explaining the reason behind the songs. And I love how everything is literally LIVE, he is known for using a loop peddle for his concerts, meaning that he does all the music himself right on the stage, so he does not need a live band or anything, beyond talented. I would really recommend anyone who has the chance to see his shows to do it, you will not regret it. He is one of the very few artists who sound even better live, like that is so rare.

Pictures are taken by myself, at his concert. Best memoriesDSC02704 DSC02709 IMG_1368

He has now reached so much success, performing for the queen of England, the Olympics 2012, performing with Elton John, Jamie Foxx, Taylor Swift etc. He has a great friendship with One Direction, specially Harry Styles, which is the reason why he gave them 3 of his songs (Little Things, Moments and Over Again). He has so far won 6 awards worldwide and been nominated to 19 awards, including Grammy’s.

Here is a couple of my favorite songs of his

Give Me Love (Such a powerful song, you cannot do anything but love it)

Small Bump (Beautiful yet a sad song, it might tear you up. The song is beautifully written, but it breaks your heart. It will always be my favorite song, I even a video of him telling the story behind it, which is something I always will cherish.) The song is based on real events

Let it out (I just had to have this song too, Ed wrote this song when he was only 15, I absolutely LOVE this song.)

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did not knew him, I hope you fall in love with him, just as I am.

Great sunday to everybody, and music sunday will be back next week. xx