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Last night, was truly one of the best nights of my life. I never had so much fun at a concert, totally forgot all the problems in life and just enjoyed myself. And the boys had me laughing so much, couldn’t be more thankful. It was so hard to understand that the boys that I have supported since 2010, was standing right in front of me, it was very unrealistic. I fell even more in love with them, after seeing them in real life. They are  amazing boys trulyIMG_2748Their tour busses


One of my best friends and I, waiting for the boys meanwhile listening to some Little Mix, Olly Murs and 5 Seconds of Summer. No one i would rather have been with than her, it made the night so much more special, experiencing this with her. I love her so much, my doll ❤

Here is the pictures of the concert, taken by moi. My babies ❤DSC02768 DSC02795 DSC02803Moments ❤ Zayn’s high note = me left speechlessDSC02820They are singing Happy Birthday to a guy named Harry, not styles, but another HarryDSC02830 IMG_2785They ended it with What Makes You Beautiful, where there were giant balloons and this paper thingy. I enjoyed my night sooooo much, words cannot describe how much fun I had. They were so funny, amazing and themselves. It was not choreographed, which I liked so much, because that left space for them to fool around and be goofy. They were just being british and irish boys, being themselves which they are best at doing. I seriously fell so much more in love with Zayn, I was speechless enough before, listening to his beautiful high notes on the albums, but listening to them live made my heart stop. Wow I have never seen someone hit a note that beautifully, it was beyond perfect.

DSC_0191 CollageImage1

After every concert i collect small items for memory, and that is usually glow sticks and bracelets. Here’s tickets from all my favorite concerts i have been to.

Justin Bieber Believe // Ed Sheeran // Justin Bieber My World // One Direction Take Me Home // Michael Jackson cirque de soleil // MJ All for Love tribute // Janet Jackson

All in all, I had the time of my life, I enjoyed every minute of it and it was truly a great concert. Next time I am definitely going to buy more tickets to their shows, either in London or Germany. Love my boys so much, and they did a really great job at entertaining all the danes. And all their cute little speeches about how much they love Denmark and what they love about it (Pastries, Lego and the beautiful people in Harry’s words). It is a benefit that they have a danish vocal coach, so they have learned little phrases in danish and they know about the country. Cannot wait to see them next time already.

Have a great saturday to everybody xx