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Hey guys, how are you?

I’ve been meaning to post this on wednesday, but school assignments were just killing me, i had no time to do anything, and it was very stressful. But now i finally have time on my hands to blog.

Well i have this syndrome called shopaholic, i simply love buying new stuff and specially luxury items. So last friday, i started ordering a lot of stuff from the internet, including Tommy Hilfiger ballerina’s, clothes etc. And they have finally arrived on wednesday, right after a shopping trip in the city, where i bought rings and a gift for mother’s day to my mom.

Here’s the items:

DSC_0211DSC_0212Part of my outfit for the concert today. A super cute Chloe t-shirt, love it!DSC_0215It is not a secret that i love the color rose(pink), so i got an iphone charger, it’s so cuteDSC_0202Faith, Hope and LoveDSC_0219I have always been a fan of VOSS water, and when i saw this little cute one, i just had to have it. It is so tiny!DSC_0221 DSC_0188By Burin is a danish brand, which have designed this totally cute bag. That kind of bag needs to be in every fashionista’s wardrobe! Check them out, they design awesome bags By BurinDSC_0222 DSC_0224 DSC_0227I have been in loves with these ballerina’s for so long, and i finally got a chance to purchase them! They are so beautiful!! Nothing better than spoiling yourself with designer shoes.

CollageImageAnd now when mothers day is arriving, i bought this beautiful gift from CHANEL to my mom. When i gave her sampler of the perfume CHANEL No 5, she simply fell in love with it, so i just had to give her that. Exited for her to open it on sunday!

Are you also a shopaholic, tell about? I wish you guys a great friday and weekend ❤

– serendipity xx