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As I have told on earlier post, I absolutely love traveling, it is a passion of mine and something that fills beyond in my life, nothing better than to travel.

So much is happening in my life, travel wise, I went from one travel plan this year, to FIVE travelling plans, I am so grateful for the surprises there are in life. I feel like I am on cloud nine, because where I go does not matter, but the fact that I am going to travel means the world. Travel for me means to experience, see life differently. I would find any excuse to travel, that is how much I love it.


Well I just booked a ticket to Birmingham, England (been there before) in July, to go visit family and my grandfather who has just moved from Cairo to England. It is the very first time I am travelling alone, which makes this trip more special, I am finally an adult yaay. I have seen so so many airports and Copenhagen airport is definitely one of  the best airports in the world (besides Dubai), so I am looking forward to some Starbucks, Vogue reading and luxury shopping and of course some alone time. London is the next stop on my travel journey, in October i’ll be in London for the 10th time, to shop and show my sister-in-law around the city, I am in london every year, sometimes more than once, so it is a city that I consider my second home. London is really one of my favorite cities in the world, and I cannot wait to move there in two years time.

The next chapter is exiting, I have planned three destinations in December, Helsinki (Finland), Rome (Italy), Cairo (Egypt), I am going to a wedding in Helsinki, I love weddings! Since Rome is the stop on my way to Egypt, I decided to be there 3-4 days with my Brother and sister-in-law, to drink some latte and eat some pizza and explore city. And then finally Cairo where I am going to visit my grandma and aunts and uncle. I have been to Cairo before in ’07, but never to Finland or Italy, so that is new for me. And the last planned trip is to San Diego, California for two months with my school from Jan 2014, where I am going to study at a business university, during my trip I plan to visit my sister in Washington DC and go to Hawaii or New York. And then I have planned to either go Milan or London in April 2014, but not sure which yet. I cannot wait to start this journey of travels, it is such a good feeling imagining all the things, that I am going to experience, I feel like a child at a candy store, that is how happy I am.


These are like the planned trips, besides those I have talked about going to Monaco or Tanzania next summer, to do charity work in Tanzania or a chill trip to Monaco, but nothing is planned 100 %.

I feel like Travelling is my boyfriend/love in a way, because it always makes me happy on a higher level, whenever I think about it. It brings me to a place nothing ever can, a place of joyful and happiness. It is very hard to describe, but if you are a traveller like I, you probably know what i am talking about.

I simply love to travel, beyond and above ❤

Tell me about your travelling experience, and plans for the future xx

– Serendipity