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So my day was pretty booked!I was unfortunately to sick to go to school so I just stayed at home, in order to meet with my friend Julie a little earlier ups! But I only went out to get those bracelets for the concert tomorrow, and then I got home right after. The guards were kind enough, to give us a bracelet more for our friend who could not be there today. When we were on our way home, we saw three of Justins tour busses, it was his stage crew, who were going to set up the stage and everything, fun experience. Unfortunately it was planned that my friend and i were going to go around Copenhagen, to see if we could meet Justin and his crew, but I was to sick to go around the sick :(.




After the bracelets, we went to Magasin (Department store like Bloomingdales) where I bought some CHANEL creme and Dennis Knudsen shampoo (I’m totally a quality over price girl lol, I appreciate quality much more). Before we said goodbye to each other, she handed me her belated birthday gift to me, all the way from US yaay! And of course it was one of my fave brand JUICY COUTURE! A beautiful friendship bracelet, aww so cute. We said bye to each other and went home.

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What are the odds! When I got home, I got a call from FedEx or something, that they are on their way to my home to deliver some furniture, inclusive the beautiful desk from MILAN that i’m so much in love with! I just could not wait so I found my inner handy man out, to collect the desk together, yaay it’s so beautiful! I’ll post pictures up on sunday.

Well now I just need to rest, fix my nails and save all my energy up for tomorrow. Still can not believe that Justin Bieber is here in Copenhagen, literally 20 min away from me. Concert day tomorrow, so I will probably not be able to post, but i’ll tell you about my day on sunday.

How was your friday, tell me about it? Hope you are all enjoying your friday ❤ xxx

– Serendipity