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Looking back on the day I turned 18 (February 27th), it was a big day and a special day, I’ve finally reached a milestone age in my life, and it felt incredible. Above all the presents I got, was this beautiful gift from my mom, that symbolized my first milestone turning eighteen. It meant the world to me, and now I knew that my mom looked at me as a woman, I have finally grown to become an adult. Here is what she gave me

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She gave me a Louis Vuitton passport cover, my first LV item! She gave it to me because she knows I much I love to travel and how much I do travel, so she wanted to give me something that I always will have with me on the go, to remember her by, where ever I might be. It’s something i’ll always remember my 18th birthday by. I am so grateful to have such an amazing mother like mine, I love her more than she can imagine. When ever i’m travelling, I will always have her with my in a way, because she gave me this. She also choose to make it more personal, by telling LV to put my intials on them F.A.A . I really adore this gift, because it is full of so much love, thoughts in to making it so special. I also got many other gifts, but this one was so meaningful to me.

I just wanted to share it with you guys. Tell me what you think? xxx

– Serendipity