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Massive change!



Yesterday was such a big day for me, i was going to Dennis Knudsen’s (one of the most famous/achieved hair stylist) hair salon, to get my hair cut. After many months of considering to have my super long hair cut, i finally went all in yesterday. I felt like now was the time i’m going to be short haired, never tried to get that much hair cut, so i was really nervous. I took my sister in law with me.Everything went amazing, i felt like a queen for a day, they treat their costumers so well. I got massage on my back, while the shampoo girl washed my hair and gave me a hair massage. It is crazy how well Dennis Knudsen’s hair product turnout instantly, i could already see the difference, and they also used Moroccan oil which made my hair look a lot healthier. My hair stylist was so nice, and i had such a long fun chat with her, and she was beyond sweet, she also did my hair very beautifully, she was very happy to have the honor of cutting over 40 cm hair haha.

My hair went from this length: here to this here

So that was an overall great experience, it is definitely my favorite hair salon and hair stylist, she’s going to mine forever LOL. I would definitely recommend it, it is a pricey hair salon because it is obviously exclusive and famous salon, but it is really worth it, because they take such a good care of you hair. You are really in good hands, when you go there. And i also got to try the brand new ghd hair straightener that only few hair salons have and is not even out on the market, yaay for me. Well i really loved how my hair turned out, it is not long and heavy any more yaay for that. So after that, we went out to eat and then continuing with planning my 18th birthday dinner.

How was your saturday?, tell me about it on the comment below xxx

– serendipity