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Hey guys,

Wow I really miss writing in this blog, sorry i’ve been distanced lately, school has just been crazy. Well i’m so happy it’s friday YAAAY, I really needed that break from school, well today after school, i went out shopping for an 18th birthday i’m going to, to tomorrow, I felt that I didn’t have anything to wear, you know that feeling right?. So I went out shopping, and I found this gorgeous green skirt which is completely irrelevant for the party haha well that happens ups, I just fell in love with it and felt that it was a piece that compliments my wardrobe very well, I had to have it. Green is a great color for spring, and it can go with almost anything, it was a must have.

Well anyways, I didn’t really find anything of my taste, so I went hope without anything ready for tomorrow, though I had to do a complete investigation on my wardrobe and fortunately found a cute skirt and blouse to wear, pictures will come up tomorrow. I’m so exited, it’s one of my very good friends’ 18 birthday party, I really feel like letting loose a bit.

Well here’s a picture of my fashionable purchase of the day:

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 23.30.20

I promise it looks good in real life, i’ll show you when i wear it on monday or something.

I hope you guys are enjoying your friday and going have a great weekend, i’ll hopefully post again sunday about my eventful saturday.

Tell me about your friday, how was it? xxx

– Serendipity