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The spring and summer is the season for weddings, conformations and other celebrating events. Invitations are arriving through mail, and as every girl are thinking WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Here is some of my pick on spring/summer dresses

For the more formal look:

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Lace are one of the fabrics that never goes out of fashion, it has that elegant vibe over it, that really compliments every woman.

For the more chic/girly look

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Nothing like a little girly touch, i specially like these dresses for afternoon events.

1. Victorian Vixen 2. Bonded Lace 3. Lydia Bright 4. Lipsy 5. Vero Moda

6. Dreaming of sunshine 7. Lilian Lace

I really hope you guys like my picks on the season dresses, and hopefully you are solving your clothes issues 🙂 Please post a comment below on what you think xxx

– Serendipity