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To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, To gain all while you give, To roam the roads of lands remote: To travel is to live.

Travelling fills so much in my life, i don’t know what i would do, if i couldn’t travel as much as I do now. I love to experience the world with my own eyes, learn about different cultures and meet people with different everyday life than mine. I feel very much alive when I travel. I inherited the adventurous gene from my beloved father, whom travelled to more than half of the countries in the world, a goal of mine is to reach that many countries as well. I love to embrace the diversity in the world, and have a greater understanding for human kind. By travelling one also gain wisdom and develop their personality and knowledge as well.

I have only been to 15 countries (3 continents), some more than once like England which i’ve been to more than 8-9 times, it has quickly become my second home. I still have many more to go (178? countries), there is so many places i’m craving to experience, living life a little edgy going to places like Chernobyl (radioactive city in ukraine), Amazon jungle, Hashima Island. But also places like Galapagos, Madagascar, the edge of argentina to see antarctica, Siberia, Russia, Monaco etc. I am grateful for what i have experienced until now, i have seen all the class aspects of the world, poor, normal and richest of the rich. So i know how the different people live life in these three classes.

Even though i have experience fears on my trip, litterally my life on danger kind of thing, but i wouldn’t trade it anything, it gives me stories to tell the people around me, travelling is not only to see things, it’s also to live, try things, over come your fears, feel the adrenaline, the feeling of not knowing what is going to happen next. There are so many reasons why i want to travel around the world, i want to give back as well as meeting different people and build memories.

I live for this, my love for travel in indescribable, it is a part of who i am..

xxx Serendipity

– All pictures are taken by me